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After last year’s sudden surge of interest after an appearance of crop circles which sparked off military investigations, the circles have returned to Russia…

It’s always interesting to hear how different countries react to the arrival of the crop circle phenomenon. The Russian sightings of 2000, widely reported in the media in the UK and abroad, were particularly curious because all the investigations were undertaken as full military operations and it was categorically stated from seemingly official sources that “aliens” were thought to be involved.

Now the phenomenon has returned and Reuters recently issued the following news statement:


MOSCOW - Russian officials said on Friday that strange circles found in a remote southern field showed aliens had returned to collect Earth soil, four years after first dropping by, Itar-Tass news agency reported.

The five concentric circles of wheat, flattened in a clockwise direction, were discovered in a field outside Maikop in the Krasnodar region. The ears of the wheat were undamaged.

Tass said similar circles had appeared four years ago.

"Officials of the region's Emergency Situations Department say this suggests the beings had come back for more soil samples," Tass said.

Britain witnessed a spate of so-called crop circles in the late 1990s, most of which were attributed to pranksters.


Ignoring the last unfortunate statement, this report is interesting because it refers not to the events of 2000, but to formations from “four years ago”. Note how openly the concept of “aliens” is discussed (whatever might really be behind the phenomenon)! Now if only our media were quite so open with their speculation…

(Thanks to Gerry Percy)



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