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HERE COME THE SUNS - 10/07/2001

P M H Atwater has a question in response to Geoff Stray’s recent article on the Aztec crop glyph... Geoff Stray replies...

A friend of mine suggested that I access Geoff Stray's article on the Aztec Crop Glyph being like the Aztec Sun Calendar. I did, and I appreciated the article very much. My question is: what Sun ends on December 21, 2012? Is it the Fourth Sun or the Fifth Sun? It is my understanding, for those who seem to understand the Aztec calendar, that it is the Fourth Sun that ends that day, with the Fifth Sun beginning the next day. This would fit the evolution of Root Races, or what seems to be the timing of them, as the Fifth Root Race is now achieving ascendancy worldwide and should be firmly in place by 2012/2013. I mentioned this in my book CHILDREN OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM and in an article on my website which was published in ‘Venture Inward’, the magazine of the Edgar Cayce membership, or A.R.E. My website, by the way, is I would appreciate your comments.



Some sources* say that the Maya believed that the Fourth World Age, or ‘Sun’, would end in 2012. The Hopi Indians also believe that we are currently approaching the end of the Fourth World, though they have quoted 2011 as the end year (possibly due to a correlation confusion, since there is no ‘year 0’ in the Gregorian calendar). The Aztecs, however, believed the current age to be the ‘Fifth Sun’, as did the Inca people*... apart from the ‘Andean prophecy’, revealed by some Q'ero Indians, which is aligned with an early Christian heresy of three Ages, of which we are now in the introductory phase of the third - the Age of the Holy Spirit. During this 20-year period, the Fifth level of consciousness manifests, followed by the Sixth. The process finalizes in 2012, when a metaphysical city called Paytiti manifests and the Golden Age unfolds (when the 7th & highest level is possible).** This corresponds to the New Jerusalem of the Christians, and the Tibetan Shambhala, which is also said by some to be due for manifestation in 2012.*** This may be relevant to the seven Root Races - seven states of consciousness.

Professor Gordon Brotherston has sorted out most of the confusion, finding that the four Suns of the Popul vuh myth epic are actually the four previous to the current Fifth, and likewise with the Hopi, the four were "arithmetically prior to the present Fifth world". The Navajo, too, had a total of five worlds, and the Incas, five Suns.****

* see ‘Return of the Children of Light - Incan & Mayan Prophecies for a New World’ by Judith Bluestone Polich -
** see ‘Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge’ by Joan Parisi Wilcox
*** see Edwin Bernbaum's book ‘The Way to Shambhala’, being reprinted in December.
**** see ‘Book of the Fourth World’ by Gordon Brotherston


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