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E.T. OR NOT E.T. … - 10/07/2001

Barbara from California speculates on ETs and crop circles and the battles amongst human researchers of the phenomenon...

I read with awe the wrangling back and forth from all of you between man-made and ET-made circles. As an observer of the fray I can only say what I have concluded. Yes, some are probably man-made, but considering the years this has been going on, it is amazing that still no-one has been caught actually doing the circles!!! I still believe there is something happening here of an esoteric nature. I have recently looked at the lecture tapes put out by On the tapes there is testimony that ETs shut down some of America’s missile test launches, TWICE. Apparently they are trying to show us that is not the way to go. But, if they have that capability, could they not be trying the show us something through the symbols in the circles? I believe the circles carry energy. The earth is going through a major planetary initiation; the planting of the circles on a place on our planet that has for centuries been considered sacred ground is perhaps impregnating it with the positive energy it needs to move ahead. We need to think globally and universally and get beyond this petty niggling!

Otherwise I wish you all well on both sides!

BARBARA, California


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