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SATAN SPEAKS! - 02/07/2001

John Lundberg of circlemaking artists ‘Team Satan’ responds to Paul Vigay's letter about Peter Brookesmith’s Fortean Times article...

Paul states: "Personally I would speculate that they made another formation."

Paul's right, we did make the small formation in the far corner of the field as well as the main optical illusion formation in the same field. Why? Well, we would not allow the photographer to take flash photography - for obvious reasons - during the construction of the main formation, so he was using a camera equipped with night vision. But after we had completed the formation he asked if it would be possible to take a few flash photographs at the far side of the field out of view of the road. So we created the small formation for him whilst he took some flash photos.

Paul writes: "I could talk for a couple of hours on why I don't think they made it; it was quite a controversial case and I looked into it in quite a bit of detail. Suffice to say, the trail got quite intriguing and could point to a bigger conspiracy."

I would be very interested - as I'm sure Swirled News readers would be - to hear the exact details of what Paul has discovered that makes him - like Michael Glickman - believe that there is some "bigger conspiracy" at work here.

Paul wrote: "plus, Chad Deetken was there with his wife until gone midnight."

We did indeed see people walking along nearby roads, as well as a car that stopped for a while in a nearby lay-by. We consequently spent some time laying flat on the ground in tram lines!

JOHN LUNDBERG, ‘The Circlemakers’ web site


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