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PYRAMID SELLING - 01/07/2001

Jack Sullivan has an interesting observation about the new Alton Barnes formation…

You have a photo by Steve Alexander of the above design on Swirled News. Sit back and have another look at it as a 3D image. What is it ? Could it be a pyramid viewed directly on a corner with the rising Sun behind it? It appeared on the morning of 21st June. Crop Circle Connector carries a report on its web page for this design from Kevin Constant. He says that he was on his way to Avebury for the Solstice celebration and passed East Field at about 4am. He saw nothing there. On his return at 7am the design was in the field. Sunrise on the 21st was at 4.49 am. It seems others were celebrating the Solstice too with a stunning crop circle representation bang on time.

JACK SULLIVAN, Crowborough, East Sussex


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