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ILYES has some interesting thoughts to add to Paul Vigay’s recent letter on the 1999 Avebury triangle, allegedly man-made and featured recently in Fortean Times (see our recent story)…

Re: The 1999 Avebury ‘optical illusion’ cubes:

I went and made a copy of the (ONLY, to my knowledge) b&w graphic of this formation - the graphic had been hanging on the bulletin board in the 'croppie room' in The Barge. Untangling its geometry had been a collective effort by the Germans (including Wolfgang Schindler) who were staying at The Barge's campground. This b&w graphic was worked out during the morning hours by the group immediately AFTER its discovery; the actual b&w graphic was painstakingly pulled together by Mina.

I watched this graphic's form take shape as Mina methodically worked to complete it. When it was done, it was hung on the bulletin board in the croppie room for any interested parties to study. Later that day, I took this graphic down from the board and went up to Marlborough to make a copy of it for myself, after which I replaced it.

Apparently, the sad claimers of this GENUINE Formation did the same thing as I had done, though for a different reason (much easier to make a COPY than actually go through drawing out the pattern on paper YOURSELF!), for the graphic they were shown holding in the newspaper was THIS VERY ONE that Mina had drawn!

I have my copy of Mina's b&w, and also the article as it appeared in the newspaper. If anyone's interested, I'll do a scan of each and either put them up on my own Home Page (, or will happily send them to Swirled News and you folks can upload the two side-by-side for personal analysis by the curious ...

That these sad clowns used Mina's excellent rendering (while through sleight-of-hand/power-of-suggestion IMPLYNG that it's the graphic they worked from - though mind you and NB: there are NO measurements on this b&w at all!) should leave no doubt in any RATIONAL, THINKING person's mind that these individuals had absolutely NOTHING to do with this formation's creation.



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