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RUSSELL MUSCLE - 26/06/2001

RON RUSSELL takes ‘The Voice of Reason’ to task…

Please correct the glaring error in your site by renaming the column that Glickman writes. In no way is his emotional and ridiculous finger-pointing antics "the voice of reason". Assuredly it is not REASON he deals with, but biased and sophomoric opinion. Reason is a high virtue which Glickman does not exhibit. All this promotion of his gossip does is further polarise the croppie and research community. Those outside look in and see the petty squabbles and figure we are all nuts and shut the door. So Glickman's diatribes are really what do the greater disservice to humankind, not some statement by Colin Andrews or Peter Sorensen.

[We explained to Ron that actually ‘the Voice of Reason’ was partly humorous irony, and we then received this further e-mail below… - Ed]

Thanks for your thoughtful and well reasoned reply. I had considered that ‘The Voice of Reason’ was a parody of sorts and now accept your explanation of its well-meaning intent.

Keep up the good work!

RON RUSSELL, Midwest Research, Colorado, USA


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