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PETER’S FRIENDS - 26/06/2001

PETER SORENSEN has a bone to pick with Michael Glickman…

One has to admire and respect Michael Glickman for his geometric analysis of the crop circles, and recognize him as the most passionate male researcher. I used to love him back in the early 1990s for his delightful, insightful and loving lectures and articles, always delivered with large helpings of his trademark wit and wisdom.

Sadly, in the middle of the decade, his hatred of hoaxers began to take him over and the emphasis of his writing and lectures shifted from the positive to negative. His praise of the circles and revelations of their design began to lose ground to his personal attacks against any and all who dared to disagree with his beliefs. A master wordsmith, he wields a well-honed hatchet against his foe with great vigour.

In his recent Swirled News column, cleverly called ‘The Voice of Reason’ (excellent!), he makes mincemeat of me for saying what I believe to be the truth. He extracted the following partial quote from my website's philosophy page: "after a dozen years of studying the circles, in my opinion they are probably all man-made…"

Later he subtly, but seriously, distorts those words by compressing them down to "ALL man-made" (quotes and capitals his), eliminating my modifier, "probably." He intends this as a kind of nasty nickname for me. I object. "Probably" is an important part of the phrase, because I want to show that I - for one - intend to keep an open mind.

I could ignore this distortion of my words, except that he leaves out another important part of my statement. Notice the ellipsis (the three dots indicating missing words) where he truncates his quotation of my statement above. He unfairly deleted words of mine there which would have further diluted his attack. Those words are: "I could be wrong - I've changed my opinion before! And I haven't given up all hope for an extraterrestrial/angelic connection." (I'm not trying to leave myself "wiggle room" there - after 59 years I've learned very well that I can be wrong sometimes.)

Everyone who knows me personally is familiar with my belief that most circles seem to have a terrestrial origin. But they know I'm also very optimistic that there is still a Great Intelligence behind the circles. And I'm still reluctant to give up altogether on what is widely termed "the original phenomenon". I know there is magic afoot in the fields – balls of light, bizarre coincidences and physiological effects, to name a few I've experienced first hand. I am certain that there is MUCH more to the circles than what flattens the corn, otherwise I would have packed in a couple years ago.

Michael complains that I am doing terrible damage to the croppie community. I'm sorry, but I'm just speaking my truth - and on a far more modest forum than his! And I dare say the cycle of negativity that Michael and a few others (on both sides) perpetuate, projects an image out to the public of crop circle researchers as petty, squabbling, egos, unworthy of serious attention. A lot of people find that far more damaging.

Has Michael ever convinced ONE of his targets to change their ways? I doubt it. Nor have I EVER had one of the all-crop-circles-are-REAL believers tell me that I influenced them to change their point of view. How much better it would be if we all stuck to our work and treated each other with respect, no matter how great our differences.

Let the magnificence of the circles and true magic of the Circle Makers (whatever planet they come from) be the common denominator of our cause. We, and the world, will be the richer for it.

To read my full statement, go to my CropCircleConnector homepage:
and click on my FAQ and Philosophy page.



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