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ARGIE BARGIE - 19/06/2001

Danny Sotham's Mighty Column gets a licking...

While I applaud and appreciate the quality and integrity of your collected work in this web site, I was disheartened to see Danny Sotham find fault through his humour with people who discuss paranormal experiences sometimes out loud at The Barge pub. He questions their integrity and good sense. The quality of debate is variable in The Barge, but everyone there knows that it is potentially a friendly and open forum for people often made confused, distressed or hysterical by witnessing such events. The spontaneous open discussions have often led to warmth and understanding for people seeing behind a very peculiar veil into the unknown. The people he mocks may have a limited capacity to express these experiences elsewhere in their daily lives. For them, it is a very personal disclosure of their truth.

[ED’S NOTE: Danny Sotham’s A – Z is affectionate satire and shouldn’t be taken too much to heart…]

EDWIN JOYCE (‘croppie’)


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