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ISRAELI MYSTERY - 12/06/2001

Graham & Janet Tucker want more info on a new formation in Israel…

We have a delightful elderly Jewish lady in the Medway Crop Circle group who gave us a letter from an Israeli friend of her’s containing a photocopy of a new crop circle (taken from a page in an Israeli UFO magazine) with details in English about it. The formation was discovered in cereal crop on March 14th 2001 on a kibbutz at Nir Elijahu, north of Tel Aviv.

Placed in a corner of a field in which no tramlines exist, it's a simple three-ring affair with the circles diminishing in size. The largest measures 45m across, but differs from the other two in that it hosts a large area of standing crop measuring 28m (effectively creating a ring which is 17m wide). The other two adjoining circles measure 28m and 20m across respectively.

The news was published in the May edition of The Israeli Research Centre for UFO's’ magazine. We have searched the net for more info on the magazine without success.

We contacted Barry Chamish ( who runs an Israeli UFO site and he was quite excited about the crop circle, but hadn't heard about it. He thinks it must have appeared in a magazine by Avi Grief, to which he does not subscribe. We would be interested to know if any of your readers know of the magazine, so that copyright permission to use the photos etc, can be obtained.

We're enjoying your site, congratulations to your team.

GRAHAM & JANET TUCKER, Medway Crop Circle, Kent


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